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Writeout.Ink Wiki

Wiki Out is a repository for instance documents and a place for members to create shared resources. Writeout.Ink members can log in with their instance credentials.

Instance Documents

Writing Treat

Member Pages

Wiki Usage

  • All instance members should be able to log in automatically with their instance account.
  • Quick & dirty guide to starting your own section of the wiki:
    1. Navigate to a blank folder and page, for instance
    2. If the page is empty, click Create this page in the menu on the bottom right to start the page
    3. Save after adding a brief edit summary to make the page history easier to browse
      * Tip: The Preview button is your friend. Just don't forget to save!
    4. To create pages in the same folder, use double brackets to create [[start]] and [[info]] and so on, then click the link and create the page
      * Tip: start is the root page of folders
    5. Edit this start page to add a header and link to your new section!
  • For a full documentation on how to use DokuWiki, See the DokuWiki Manual.
  • You can also use Markdown to edit the wiki, other than for internal links which should use the double brackets. Refer to the Guide to Markdown syntax.
    • Tip: It's highly useful to click Edit on existing pages to see how they do things. Try it with this one.
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