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Writing Treat plans & todos

Idea: Writing Treat bot account on fedi

  • Functions
    • Post announcements & reminders
    • Repository of information
    • Linkage with possible Jitsi bot?
  • Possible instances
  • Other considerations
    • Would we need a logo?

Idea: Jitsi chatbot

  • Functions
    • Keep the Jitsi room open
    • Start focus sessions on chat request
      • Set timer (default 20 min)
    • A continuous repository of chat messages
    • Link with the fedi bot to post the presence of users who want it
      • Fully opt-in, they would need to ask the bot using specific keywords
      • Could be ripe for spam & other abuse, though
  • Considerations
    • Are there protections on Jitsi to keep out abusive posters in an empty room?
    • Or even in rooms with other people in it? Should check up on moderation tools
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